The New DIA Order

Camouflage is the manipulation of an individual’s spatial conditions by adopting past experience onto present space. The concept informs this project by focusing on art’s capacity to mold the user’s experience of surrounding space. In the New Dia Museum, the space seeks to facilitate a communal dialogue by bringing the question of shared experience to the fore, compelling users to consider how their spaces are influenced and compounded by the art they have cumulatively viewed—the “spaces within a space.” Analysis of theories and examples of camouflage piqued an interest in disruptions, a concept which antagonizes predetermined norms, and led to the study of several disorders which correlate with spatial, cognitive, and time-based disorders. The New Dia Order emerged—a system that is an idea, a collection, an organism, a time machine, a transformation, and a show, all encapsulated in an architecture that creates the new ‘normal’.

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