In C/ In Sync

Terry Riley, the composer of the piece In C, instructs his performers to play his piece in a manner that allows the player to control how the composition is heard. This idea helps inform how an architectural language is developed using time, material, and light to define spaces. The performer is able to control how In C is heard; likewise, the architectural elements outline the limits of the space. As the musical piece has a structure, the experimental model expresses a structure which is independent from how the space is shaped by other architectural elements like a wall, floor, or partition. The studio began with experimental models working with materials, light, and time. The students were challenged to make a 16"x16"x16” physical model according to a piece of music by composers such as Terry Riley. The second half the semester required students to create a new facilities for the Center for Contemporary Music Research, established by the composer Iannis Xenakis in 1979. ** In Collaboration with Johnny Chan

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